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Alright, my last post was about my classes. So...
Here's the situationCollapse )

Bir de üstüne üstlük ekstra 10 puanımın olması? Tabii o eklenmiş de olabilir ama yok ya, EKLENMEMİŞ OLSUN.

Fizik 71, bu 63, ulan bir sınıf birincisi olamadım hep beş altı, birinci olmam lazım, en azından ilk dörtte falan olmam lazım. Neyse,  DAHA İNGİLİZCE VAR BİÇIS.

I'm safe here?

Today I was in Autoshow 2012, inside of a Beetle. Teachers from my old school were there too. And with a great coincidence, one of these teachers were the counsel teacher of the school who asked me about an entry on eksi sozluk that i've wrote earlier about my old school.

I denied. Of course I denied. I mean, otherwise I'd open that account with my full name. But i deleted it anyway. Wrote a new one. Blaming that counsel this time. Implying, at least.

You know what? I do not regret a single word that entry that I've deleted. Because it was all true. That German teacher who didn't even give me a little sugar for the tea (which I could be able to took with great help of my English teacher) and she was totally being bitchy. She didn't even teach us grammar, all I can say in German are guten tag, guten morgen, wie geht es dir? 

Girl, I finished a huge book in English when I was at 7th grade. I'm good with language classes.

So, today was surprising. And I'm glad that my entry disturbed them THIS MUCH. Am I evil? Yes, I hell am.

p.s. : my old teachers, except for a couple of you, I hate every single one of you. 
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Person of Interest Icons - 1x17 Baby Blue

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